Publicado el 1/03/2022 Categoría: news, Outstanding

Industry launches ‘Invest in Cantabria’ to attract foreign investment.

The minister presented the website that kicks off the first phase of the project carried out by SODERCAN

The Ministry of Industry, Innovation and Commerce of the Government of Cantabria, through SODERCAN, has launched a new project to attract foreign capital investment. The first phase of the project includes the creation of an information website in four languages (Spanish, English, German and French).

Clear, simple, highly visual and intuitive, the website ‘Invest in Cantabria’ provides information and orientation to users and potential investors about the business advantages and opportunities Cantabria has to offer.

The site ‘Invest in Cantabria’ has various sections that provide a general description of Cantabria, a visual display of port and airport connections to Europe and America, important regional economic data and indicators, information about the high quality of life, the industrial base of the region, business clusters, universities, research and development institutes, especially the PCTCAN Scientific and Technology Park, and opportunities for industrial properties. 

With this project, led by SODERCAN, the Ministry of Industry will offer potential investors support and consulting services throughout the entire process of setting up a business project: potential locations, regulatory procedures, grants and subsidies, global assessment, etc.

In addition to the excellent quality of life, its rich cultural and natural heritage and tourist attractions, the Minister highlighted Cantabria’s ideal strategic location and long industrial history and leading centres of research and innovation, making Cantabria “the perfect place to live, to invest, to build, to recruit and retain talent”.

British market

This will be an on-going and evolving project aimed at attracting potential foreign investors interested in undertaking new projects in Cantabria.

The information from web searches will permit the creation of a “heat map”, providing a complete analysis of the sectors in Cantabria which attract the most interest and the countries of origin of those seeking business and investment opportunities in Cantabria.

An in-depth analysis of this data will facilitate the constant adaptation of the project to the interests of potential investors.