The MISSION of SODERCAN is to promote and actively contribute to the creation of a socio-economic environment that favours investment in industrial development, innovation, competitiveness and prosperity, bringing social and environmental benefits to companies, public institutions and society as a whole within the Community of Cantabria.  


The VISION of SODERCAN is to set the national standard for the promotion of regional development and become a model of efficient and effective management, bringing together the Government of Cantabria and economic and social agents for the sustainable development of business and industry in Cantabria.  


SODERCAN has established the following OBJECTIVES:

  • CULTIVATE entrepreneurial talent and the creation of new companies.
  • ATTRACT external investment.
  • SUPPORT the development of competitive companies.
  • SUPPORT the transformation of companies in mature markets experiencing difficulties competing on a global stage.
  • DEVELOP the Knowledge Society and PROMOTE engagement with Public Entities.