SODERCAN Internships Abroad


Since 2005, SODERCAN has partnered with the State Secretariate for Trade in the “Internship Program in the Spanish International Commercial Offices Network for Autonomous Communities”, sending internship recipients to a number of destinations in the Spanish International Trade Network, all considered of strategic interest for the promotion of Cantabrian companies and products.


The Spanish International Commercial Offices Network incorporate internship recipients selected by SODERCAN through its internship program for training in international trade.


The convocation for the selection of internship recipients is posted annually on the SODERCAN website and the Official Bulletin of Cantabria. Those selected must be registered and be at least 30 years of age at the moment of application. The number of internships will depend on the budget availability of SODERCAN and the offers available in the General Office of Trade and Competitiveness of the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism (ICEX).