Business Creation (Emprecan Plus)



If you have a good idea but don’t know how to get started…


SODERCAN, through the Emprecan Plus Program can help you make you make it happen, from the original idea to the creation and start-up of your company.


If you have an idea, the Emprecan Plus program offers…


1.- Preliminary phase: definition of the idea.


  • Understanding of entrepreneurship.
  • Entrepreneurial motivation.
  • Generation and validation of ideas.


This phase includes workshops and seminars held throughout Cantabria. We’ll keep you informed by e-mail and through our website.


You have your idea and you want to create a company…


2.- Maturation phase: business plan.


To create your business plan, Emprecan Plus can provide you with an expert tutor to help you daft a viability study of your proposed business.


We have a business plan!


When you have your business plan and are ready to create a company, we can offer:


  • Information on the administrative and legal procedures to get your business started.
  • Help in setting up and starting your business and for the acquisition of the assets necessary to start working.
  • Financing to create your company.


For the first steps of the company.


3.- Consolidation phase: the company is up and running.


Program for growth and consolidation: training, specialised consulting services and establishing internships.