SODERCAN participation in CLUSTERS





SODERCAN participated in the creation of the nuclear industry cluster of Cantabria (CINC). The goal is to promote the nuclear industry,to serve as a reference and representative of the sector and to enhance the competitiveness of agents within the sector including public entities and research centres.The cluster helps ensure the industry adapts to technological advancesand market challenges while defending and promoting the
interests of the sector.









The Automotive Cluster of Cantabria (GIRA) is a non-profit association created to  encourage cooperation among  auto parts manufacturers and related industries within the automotive sector to enhance competitiveness. The  cluster  helps ensure the industry adapts to technological advances and market challenges while defending and promoting the interests of the sector.





The Maritime Cluster of Cantabria, MARCA, was created in 2017 as an initiative of the Government of Cantabria, throughSODERCAN, encompassing the entire maritime and naval sector of the region. Its mission is to encourage inter-company cooperation and the commercial and technological development of the maritime and naval industries in Cantabria, creating opportunities and synergies that enhance competitiveness in national and international markets, generating value and prosperity. The vision of the cluster is to position the maritime industries of Cantabria at the forefront of innovation and development, becoming a leader in these strategic markets both nationally and internationally





Sea of Innovation Cantabria Cluster was designed to integrate all players within the marine energy sector of Cantabria, creating a national and international centre of excellence, connecting researchers, industry and leading companies to further research, development and innovation in the service of the economic, social and technological advancement of marine energy.






TERA, the Association of Information and Communications Technologies of Cantabria, was launched in February 2019 to bring together all companies of the ICT sector in Cantabria, creating synergies, seeking out new business opportunities and participating jointly in public tenders. The ICT sector represents a key competitive advantage in accelerating the transformation of SMEs and public administrations within the region.






The Fire Research Cluster of Cantabria, CIF, is a tool to dynamise and promote the industrial base of Cantabria in the area of Fire Safety and Prevention.. The cluster was formally constituted in April 2019, as an initiative of the Government of Cantabria, through SODERCAN, encompassing all entities involved in developing innovative solutions, services and products in the area of fire safety and prevention, including private companies, public organisations, technology and research centres and universities.






The Defence Industry Cluster (CID) is a pioneering initiative in Spain formally created on July 10, 2019, coinciding with the 920th anniversary of the death of El Cid (July 10, 1099). The Cluster encompasses a number of public and private entities, companies and research
centres, drawn together to bolster the technological and industrial base of the Spanish Defence Industry.