New Markets

The strategic aim of the New Markets and Internationalisation Area is to support the growth and dynamisation of the business and industrial base of Cantabria through geographical diversification into new markets, both national and international, for the sustainable economic growth of Cantabria.


In today’s context of constantly changing and globalised markets where competition is increasingly fierce, companies must innovate and differentiate themselves in order to compete and take position in new markets. Diversification and expansion into new markets or segments (noting the current challenges to the Cantabria economy such as Covid-19, Brexit, etc.) and building portfolios by attracting new clients are essential to improving the competitiveness of Cantabrian companies.


Our strategic goals in this area are: increase Cantabria’s market share, both in national and international markets, boost the geographical and sectorial diversification of sales, provide companies with the human resources they need, provide young people with the skills necessary for international trade, enhance inter-company cooperation, consolidate and expand Cantabrian exports, support the search for new suppliers and encourage sales through e-commerce.


Every year, the New Markets and Internationalisation Area publishes a Subsidies and Assistance Program for companies, an Information and Training Plan for issues related to business strategy and new markets, as well as its Virtual Agendas and Trade Missions Plan.


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