Social Responsibility

SODERCAN is an active participant in Agenda 2030, in partnership with over 1,530 participating entities around the world. The aim of Agenda 2030 is for companies to actively engage in raising global awareness and to achieve a multiplying effect in working towards the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals through actions within their companies or organisations.


SODERCAN is encouraging the participation of Cantabria companies in the Spanish Network of the United Nations Global Compact.


Through its internal and external actions in the area of Corporate Social Responsibility, SODERCAN is working to further CSR within Cantabria. Our slogan: Responsibility for Development.

Proyectos en los que colaboramos:



Campaña de recogida de libros para la ONG AIDA Books&More, que financia un centro de acogida para mujeres víctimas de violencia y sus hijos e hijas en Bangladesh