Enterprise Europe Network


La The Enterprise Europe Network is a support network for science and industry operating throughout Europe and other continents, offering its services since 2008 under the auspices of the European Commission.

The EEN is the most extensive support network providing information and consulting services to European businesses.

The Network is structured in nodes serving specific geographical regions; a coordinated project offering users a wide range of personalised professional services.

EEN services are primarily designed for SMEs but are also aimed at all companies, universities, technology and research centres across Europe.





  • Information and consulting services on aspects of the European Union (participation in EU research projects and programs, especially H2020, EU legislation, information on European markets, assistance in overcoming barriers to export within the European Union, etc).
  • Opportunities for inter-company cooperation (sharing of commercial profiles, search for commercial partnerships, receiving requests for cooperation, etc.).
  • Opportunities for participation in European R&D+i projects (including services such as the identification and dissemination of offers and requests for technology sharing among companies, universities, technology centres and other entities and organisations dedicated to R&D+i)
  • Organisation of specific events on European initiatives, especially conferences and workshops on EU projects (H2020, COSME, etc.)
  • Free business diagnostic for SMEs on how to improve innovation management, action plans for improvement, with the possibility of orienting innovation management towards European H2020 projects (particularly as an instrument for SMEs)


SODERCAN, as a member of the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN), provides a service posting offers and requests for commercial and inter-company cooperation and participation in European R&D+i consortia (HORIZON 2020).


This is a personalised service aimed at companies planning to expand into international markets and looking for commercial partnership and cooperation opportunities in other countries; the service is also aimed at companies looking to increase their competitiveness through participation in European R&D+i projects with international partners.


This free service consists of biweekly postings of offers and requests for inter-company cooperation.


For more information, contact: eu@gruposodercan.es

And at the websites: