Management Policy


SODERCAN is a public company dedicated to actively contributing to the creation of a socio-economic environment that favours investment in industrial development, innovation, competitiveness and prosperity, bringing social and environmental benefits to companies, public institutions and society as a whole within the Community of Cantabria.


The responsibility of SODERCAN lies in its ability to drive and promote regional economic development and job creation. SODERCAN works to benefit the whole of Cantabrian society.


The services provided by SODERCAN are based on the following:

  • INNOVATION: innovative and efficient management, adapting to change and working
  • COMPETENCE: professionalism and commitment to the highest ethical standards.
  • CLIENT ORIENTATION: cordial and respectful performance oriented to service.
  • SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT: social responsibility in three dimensions (economic, social and environmental) and equality of opportunity
  • TRANSPARENCY: accountability for all our actions both internal and external.


To achieve these objectives, SODERCAN management is committed to:

  • Communicating this policy to all personnel, including those involved in developing business projects.
  • Establishing action plans for compliance and the continuous improvement of the management system.
  • Setting objectives in line with this policy which are measurable, achievable and continuously reviewed.
  • Complying and ensuring compliance with all legal regulations and other norms and standards set forth in the Quality Manual and company procedures including occupational health and safety standards.
  • Establishing the protocols to identify and manage criminal risk which may impact the organisation.
  • Working towards the continuous improvement and environmental responsibility to ensure company actions are compatible with the preservation of the natural environment.
  • Carrying out periodic oversight to ensure the proper conduct of established systems.
  • Fostering sustainable economic and technological growth in harmony with environmental responsibility and the ethical values of society.
  • Seeking the maximum personal growth and professional development of all employees with a commitment to their physical and mental health and safety and providing safe and healthy working conditions.
  • Ensuring the consultation and participation of personnel in the planning, implementation, evaluation, performance and development of plans for the improvement of the health and safety system in the workplace.