Clean Energy Transition Partnership


The CETPartnership project is a European initiative financed under the Horizon Europe Program. The objective is to create a European network of financing agencies for clean energy transition.


CETPartnership – Clean Energy Transition Partnership


  • Total duration of the project: 2022- 2028 (80 months). First Subsidy Agreement (2022-2023)
  • Program: Horizon Europe.
  • Global budget: 70,000,000 euros.
  • SODERCAN budget: 393,951 euros
  • EU contribution: 30%
  • Website:


Spanish Partners


Consortium: 50 partners from 30 countries





  • The creation of innovation ecosystems that support the development of capacity at all levels.
  • The development and demonstration of technologies and solutions for the transition of energy systems.
  • The creation of a transnational and transformative Joint Programming Platform.
  • For this, the CETPartnership is focussed on seven key areas (TRIs-Transition Initiatives):
  • TRI1 – Integrated net-zero-emissions energy systems
  • TRI2 – Enhanced zero emission energy power technologies
  • TRI3 – Enabling climate neutrality with storage technologies, renewable fuels and CCS (carbon capture and storage) / CCU (carbon capture and utilisation)
  • TRI4 – Efficient zero emissions heating and cooling systems
  • TRI5 – Integrated regional and local energy systems
  • TRI6 – Integrated industrial energy systems
  • TRI7 – Integration in the built environment


SODERCAN publishes calls for cooperative international R&D+i projects in the areas of priority interest for 2022 and 2023.


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