Laboratorio Femina Cantabria: Mujer Emprendedora

SODERCAN, Sociedad para el Desarrollo de Cantabria, has launched the program Laboratorio Fémina Cantabria: Mujer Emprendedora, aiming to foster and support entrepreneurship among women and help bring innovative projects to reality, increase employment, build prosperity and help reduce the underrepresentation of women in innovative industries and sectors.


The program is aimed at 30 women or companies led by women with an innovative idea or an original business project started within the last four years.


Innovative ideas and projects refer to entrepreneurial initiatives which contain original and creative aspects in their design, execution or value chain.


With this new program, SODERCAN aims to help overcome the barriers to entrepreneurship among women and facilitate access to employment in innovative sectors, helping to reduce the underrepresentation of women in these sectors and building a more innovative, entrepreneurial and equitable Cantabria.


We are looking for that spark of originality and innovation that sets projects apart in any industry or sector.Laboratorio Fémina Cantabria Mujer Emprendedora



To develop these projects and bring them to fruition, SODERCAN has designed a three-phase program to boost the entrepreneurial skills and competences of the women participants through training and individual consulting services; additionally, the program aims to underwrite women’s talents and materialise the most promising projects through a number of awards.


The first phase of the Laboratorio Fémina Cantabria program provides group training for 30 of the highest scoring candidates, imparted in 8 workshops to develop key skills and competences in entrepreneurship and business creation.


The second phase consists of personalised consulting services for the 10 most promising projects, including individual mentoring by experts in the development of business plans and entrepreneurship.


In the final phase, prizes are awarded to the best projects, providing funding and raising the visibility of the most promising initiatives.




The Laboratorio Fémina will award three first prizes of 15,000, 12,000 and 10,000 euros, as well as seven runner-up prizes of 5,000 euros each.


Entrepreneurs interested in accessing this program can present their application and a brief description or report on their idea or project online through the SODERCAN Assistance Search Engine, at within a period of two months.


Laboratorio Fémina Cantabria is one of the actions undertaken by SODERCAN, in partnership with the Office of Women and Equality of Cantabria, through its participation in the FEMINA – INTERREG EUROPE Project for public policies which favour the participation of women in high-tech and innovative sectors.




The program is aimed at Cantabrian women residing in the Community with an innovative business idea or project wishing to take on the commitment to create a company and develop their business project in Cantabria, as well as new Cantabrian companies (created since January 1, 2019) led by women with an innovative business idea or project with fewer than 10 employees registered in the region.


The 30 candidates in the first phase of the group training program will be selected based on the originality, creativity, disruptive or innovative nature of the project or business model, or any other aspect of the proposal (product, process, organisational or promotional method, etc); the sector or areas classified as a priority under the Ican Intelligent Specialisation Strategy of Cantabria (tourism, agribusiness, machining and metalworking, chemicals, machinery and automotive components, biotechnology, marine engineering, satellite or radio communications, ICT, nanotechnology and advanced manufacturing), or the relation of the project to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).


The market reception of the proposal will also be considered or its proximity to the commercialisation phase.




Eight presential training workshops, four hours each, will be given focussed on the following themes:

  • Analysis of resources for the launch of the project: The art of financial negotiation.
  • Leadership and strategy: Defining the pillars of your project.
  • People management: Effective leadership of teams as the key to success.
  • Technological skills: The future of digitalisation.
  • Business development: Serving, selling, negotiating.
  • Marketing and communication: The personal brand in entrepreneurship.
  • Work/Life Balance: Finding the perfect balance. Project + Personal Life = Happiness.
  • Coaching in Entrepreneurship.


Through these workshops participants will draft a pre-project proposal to be considered for access to the second phase of individual mentoring, consisting of 20 hours of consulting and mentoring over the course of 4 weeks, either presential or on-line.


The candidates who complete the mentoring program and create a viable business plan will become the finalists in the competition and present their business plan before a designated jury.




For more information, contact our team at:

📞 942 29 00 03



Laboratorio Fémina Cantabria Mujer Emprendedora