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SODERCAN offers new companies customised consulting services in strategic areas.

This is a free program designed to provide entrepreneurs with practical assistance by external experts to reinforce their knowledge of marketing and commercial management, digital transformation and financial management.

SODERCAN, Sociedad para el Desarrollo de Cantabria, part of the Ministry of Industry, Tourism, Innovation, Transport and Commerce, has launched a specialised consulting program for new companies in three strategic areas: digital transformation, financial management, marketing and commercial management.

This is a free, individual consulting service provided by external experts on-site in participating companies, offering 15 hours of consulting services in each of these three areas.

Applications to access these services can be presented online through the SODERCAN Assistance Search Engine at Applications will be accepted until January 16.

The program is aimed at companies created since January 1, 2018.

Through these specialised and individual consulting services, SODERCAN aims to support companies and/or freelancers undertaking a business project for the first time, providing practical and customised assistance to entrepreneurs to reinforce their knowledge in key areas.

The goal is to help new companies overcome the challenges they face in the early stages in today’s highly competitive and ever-changing business environment.

“It is in these earliest stages when strategic decisions are taken that will determine the future of the company and these services are designed to provide support during this time”, explains the Minister of Industry and president of SODERCAN, Javier López Marcano.

The aim of the program is to provide consulting services and support to new companies and entrepreneurs at the start of their business operations in the three key areas mentioned. The program provides practical and individualised technical assistance, free of cost, from an expert in the sector in the development of their business.

The consulting service are provided on-site, consisting of a total of 15 hours in each of the three areas. The company or entrepreneur will establish a calendar of meetings and a firm commitment to dedicate the time and resources necessary over the course of the program.


For digitalisation, the working process is to launch a process of digital transformation in participating companies, based on the harnessing of new technologies to orient the various facets of the company towards the digital environment.

For this, a global strategy will be designed, establishing steps and benchmarks for the transformation of the company culture (training needs and communication strategies) and redesigning processes to incorporate new technologies and social media to enhance the company’s digital profile.

In terms of finance, the program will provide consulting services to companies for the analysis and implementation of procedures and a management plan to ensure success and the optimum exploitation of company resources by analysing costs, controls, purchasing, etc.

For commercial management and marketing, the assistance will consist of an analysis of the aspects necessary to establish an effective commercial and marketing department and its position within the organisation. Key points will be evaluated, including the identification of the target market, prospecting and determining the most appropriate strategies in each case to ensure success.

The program also aims to develop a methodology which will permit the company to define its commercial strategy for new products and/or services, creating a systematic process to identify market niches and commercial opportunities.

The culmination of the consulting process will be the development of a short and medium-term “action plan” with timeframes and schedules for execution.

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