Regional Development Agencies (RDA)

SODERCAN is part of the Spanish Association of Regional Development Agencies (RDAs). The purpose of this association is to assist the RDAs in providing quality public services to companies and entrepreneurs. A stable cooperation framework was established in 2001 and was formally constituted in 2007.


The Association is made up of entities from the 17 Autonomous Communities and two autonomous cities including regional development agencies, government entities and other organisations with competencies in area of regional development.

The Agency provides a forum for networking between member organisations, sharing news and information, a common web platform, official reports and documents for decision-making as well as offering joint initiatives, documentation services, the exchange of technical personnel and managers, etc.

The Agency also works to assist and promote regional development agencies and other government entities as instruments of government policies in support of companies in their respective regions.

For more information, access the website of your regional association: